Mara Trax

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Perlon, Cyclical Tracks, Oslo
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Maayan Nidam, Vera
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The new deep movement
Mara Trax is a project of Maayan Nidam (aka Miss Fitz) and Vera Heindel. Maayan and Vera have only been working together for a short time, but the music they love to play is the sound of the time. Their passion for raw, old school house grooves built the foundation for collaborative productions and performances. Mixing dance music’s penchant for deepness with the old school tracks that they are consciously evoking, the team is leading a new deep movement especially springing up around the cities of Frankfurt and Mannheim. In a short space of time Mara Trax’ bumping house sound has set them apart as one of 2008's most promising newcomers, at least for those who like their house music functional.

Built around a sound
Mara Trax have found their rough and sloppy house sound that is right at home alongside with artists like Sascha Dive, Federico Molinari and Christian Burkhardt. Like a lot of 2008 house music, their sound consist of heavy bass and snare drums that are fat and not afraid of letting it all hang out and getting pretty deep. Time after time some chopped up organ cuts provide some melody which is crowned with vocal fragments and short breaks that function as than perfectly timed stops and starts.

Both love old school house grooves, but also are open for new music at the same time. And both like deep music as well as music that is reduced to a minimum. Those two facts have an influence on what and how they are producing and performing as Mara Trax: Keep it simple with the focus on the groove!

Crossing the chasm
The idea of connecting classic, old school sounds with new influences – this is what they like.
Before meeting in Berlin a few years ago, Vera and Miss Fitz were each forging their own path in the electronic music world – and they still are: Each plays out just as often solo as they do together. Vera’s first move was a residency at Offenbach club Robert Johnson, where she's been spinning since 2003. Miss Fitz, on the other hand, has released tracks for a variety of labels (Archipel, Raum…musik and Freak n’ Chic to name just a few) as well as playing her Space Monkeys Unite night at Berlin’s Watergate.

 When the two get together, though, something special happens.

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    Bucharest, Romania
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