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Laylla Dane

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DJ (Vinyl & digital)
All Inn rec.
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Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, Laylla Dane credits her eclectic, groove-ridden sound to the influence of fellow Bulgarians Bosha and Cinnamint with whom she cut her teeth while growing up there. Equally, the proximity of neighboring Romania and the ability to travel to Bucharest for parties meant that the minimal sounds so prevalent in the capital played a large part in her shaping her work. Her approach to mixing records is one developed through dedication, discipline, and an uncompromising passion for music that has seen her leave her native hometown Sofia behind and take up residence in Berlin in order to pursue her vocation to the highest level.
Laylla is a rare breed in that she is one of very few artists making their way based on their DJing skills alone (for the bigger part of her career). In fact, it was none other than Thomas Franzmann (a.k.a Zip) who provided her first major international break, inviting her to play at the legendary once a year New Kids on Acid party at Watergate in 2014 alongside him and Ricardo Villalobos after happening upon her playing a set at an after-hours at the old Guesthouse in Bucharest.
2018 is another turning point in Laylla’s musical path as that is when she released her debut record (Tropical Dar EP on All Inn). A record that solidifies her musical signature and represents the different directions she traverses during her DJ sets.

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    Wilde Renate
    Berlin, Germany