John Dimas

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Elephant Moon, Bass Culture, Raum..musik, Metereze, Overall Music, Taverna Tracks
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Secret Universe, Ross248
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Who would have thought a school project could launch the career of an underground house and techno artist? Thanks to his ingenuity, John Dimas’ homemade mixer became part of the foundation of his journey into the world of electronic music. Linked up to his two belt-driven decks the mixer was basic, but it worked well enough to allow him to begin threading his favourite records together, practicing religiously until he became a maestro on the ones and twos. As a youngster he was drawn to the sounds of Chicago, Acid House, UK Garage and Breakbeat. Inevitably, he started collecting records in the late 90’s before honing his skills as a DJ at home in his native Thessaloniki. Once out in the world of clubs, he quickly established a reputation for his unique sets, often using three turntables. John was renowned for digging out those hot, rare tracks, that leave even the most knowledgeable music fans scratching their heads. As his local rep grew, naturally the international club invites followed… In recent years he has appeared at a slew of highly influential club spaces and festivals including: fabric (where he performed 2 exclusive live sets) DC10, Goa in Rome, Rex Club and Concrete in Paris, Hoppetosse and CDV in Berlin and each year makes an appearance at Off Sonar in Barcelona playing for parties such as Half Baked, One Records and Return. He has also embarked on tours across South America, Australia twice and North America with festival appearances at Gottwood (UK), Amsterdam Dance Event (Holland), Movement (Croatia) and many more. John left Greece to set up a new life in Berlin in 2012. In his German base he built a studio and began to cultivate the next stage of his career, setting up his vinyl only record label Elephant Moon and employing his penchant for record digging to search out and support new talent. His A&R skills have uncovered and supported acts such as Lee Burton, Lopaski, Zendid and Plantae, among others, The label just celebrated it’s eleventh release with John’s debut album, the triple vinyl LP ‘One Against Time’. As well as managing a label and traversing the globe, John has also found time to develop his studio skills, delivering a series of EPs on labels such as Raum…Musik, Taverna Tracks and Raresh’s own Metereze imprint. There is always a flair for groove and love for basslines evident throughout all his releases, with subtle attention to detail and dexterity also part of John’s aesthetic. Hardworking, full of positive energy and a young master in the studio and on the decks, John Dimas continues to impress, building a sterling reputation around the world and marching ever forward with enthusiasm.


was super fun to play at Ricky's Disco @ Gottwood Festival

Gepostet von John Dimas am Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018