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Giuliano Lomonte hails from Andria in the south of Italy, though a healthy passion for music has long coaxed him out its gorgeous Mediterranean climes. As a clubber around Europe, he nurtured the love for electronic music—particularly deep, tech, hypnotic, extended cuts pressed to vinyl. It's the sound he mines as a DJ, and you can regularly hear him teasing out the groove at Berlin clubs like Hoppetosse, Club der Visionaere, Wilde Renate and Watergate.
Deeply in love with vinyl and strongly affected by trippy - groovy tunes, Giuliano is absolutely passionate in playing long lasting sets. Releases on Sammy Dee's Ultrastretch Label, Sukhumvit Rec., Brouqade, and Frankfurt’s Pressure Traxx, you can hear Lomonte's musical vision in its purest form.

Giuliano Lomonte is back on his own imprint and straight to the point with two original cuts. There is no doubt the distinctive bassline on A1 Skyline will be stuck in your head long after the record is over and the deep and driving after hour vibes on B1 Aquarium will keep the dance floor moving until the lights come on.
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Giuliano Lomonte: SLYLINE EP (Point of View) ..out soon
Nu Zau b2b Sepp at Sunwaves 23

SW23 w. Nu Zau b2b Sepp, playing Giuliano Lomonte's "skyline", to be released on point of view

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Giuliano Lomonte Interview Meoko
Giuliano Lomonte Interview Meoko

Italian producer Giuliano Lomonte enjoyed a stunning breakthrough year in 2017, with tracks such as ‘La Musique’ and his Brouqade debut, ‘Reflections’ immediately marking him out as an artist worth keeping tabs on. Equally as adept at turning his hand to minimal pastures as he is rough-and-ready techno cuts, he returns here to Dana Ruh’s Brouqade courtesy of an EP that goes some way to cementing his reputation as a producer of some renown.